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LIVELIVE IN 1 November 2014 | 19:00
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1 November 2014 | 19:00 (gmt utc +3)

Requiem, Giuseppe Verdi

Requiem, Giuseppe Verdi

Overwhelming emotion, profound music and achingly beautiful melodies combine to produce one of the most impressive works of sacred music ever written. The colossal Requiem has with reason been described as Verdi's best opera: an old hand at writing for the stage, he knew how to draw an emotional response from the listener.

The traditional mass for the dead has inspired the finest work of many composers over the centuries. This season, the FNO is producing an entire series of Requiem concerts in the attractive setting of St John's Church in Helsinki.

    Soloist Claire Rutter
    Soloist Lilli Paasikivi

    Soloist Mika Pohjonen
    Soloist Michele Pertusi