Online Sheet music library

Welcome to the online sheet music library. You may use the library free of charge, you only need to download the free Scorch-plug in for your browser. This plug-in can be found at the Sibelius notation software website.

The online sheet music library is a part of e-concerthouse virtual library. The online sheet music library is maintained by OUAS library Information specialist Tiina Tolonen. In the present stage the library is based on the personal collection of lecturer Kari Kuosmanen, which consists of thousands of notes. This collection can not be published in its entirety for copyright reasons.

You may participate in developing the library by sending us your music. Copyrighted material will not be published without written consent from all parties involved. You may also request sheets to be edited by emailing us at and return the sheets to the same address. We are grateful for your participation! Much like Wikipedia, we are based on voluntariness and no-cost access. (GNU Free Documentation License).

Sheet music library

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